The new virtual services to meet the needs of your virtual office in Dubai

Virtual Office in Dubai offering virtual services, Virtual receptionist, Virtual IVR, Virtual fax with dedicated landline number for your Dubai business

Virtual Services in Dubai Virtual Office

دفتر مجازی virtual office | Virtual office in Dubai

Using virtual office facility in dubai, you can have a desk with a virtual secretary and a dedicated phone number for voice calling service.

تلفن گویا - IVR | Virtual IVR

Voice over IP service is one of the most popular services for business development, which you can easily use by assigning a line to this service.

Using this service, such as virtual secretary, voicemail, company numbering, etc., can be used.

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Rational virtual secretary

The virtual secretary service is generally a smart system that responds to your company’s inbound calls based on the structure you define.

A unique feature of the virtual secretary is to transfer calls and send virtual faxes.

فکس مجازی دفتر مجازی دبی | Virtual fax

One of the services that can be done after assigning and activating a dedicated phone number is the virtual fax system.

Activate the virtual fax service on your line and have all your incoming and outgoing faxes on this service.

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Dubai Non-virtual Office Services

دفتر کار واقعی real work office | Suitable office

In addition to the Virtual Office service virtualization can at the most appropriate points of the Dubai office with all the facilities you need.

This office is designed to meet your needs for the office and get your office at the lowest cost.

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شماره تلفن اختصاصی - phone-number-topdubai | Private Phone Number

From now on, you can have your own dedicated phone number. These numbers are in Dubai.

The dedicated phone number has the ability to connect to IVR services.

Conference room

We provide our Clients administrative, commercial and business meetings.

We are ready to serve you in Dubai with convenient location, best facilities to conduct your business meetings.

Explain the conference room in Dubai
Office of the Secretary

Another unique feature you can order is a professional secretary tailored to your work environment.

Dubai Mailbox

A dedicated mailbox service with a zip code in Dubai.

In Dubai you can have mailboxes and their items easily and safely get up in the mailbox assigned.