Top Call Center provides you with unique hosted call center platform, incomparable with any other solution on the current market. Our system enables you to create a fully-fledged professional call center with features which are available in expensive and high-end call center systems.

Our goal is to allow anyone to afford high-end call center service. You do not have to invest into purchasing expensive systems any more, as well as you do not have to care about the maintenance, upgrades and licences. We do it for you!

Top Virtual Call Center is an add-on module for Virtual PBX. Therefore our client can use all the features and benefits of Virtual PBX. The solution includes web management, time conditions, call recording, call queues (ACD), welcome menu (IVR), conferences and many more.

دفتر مجازی دبی
  • Contact Center Reports
  • Call Center Functions and Features
  • Statistics and reports including possibility of compiling customized reports
  • Real-time call centre statistics with on-line live monitoring
  • Regular email reports
  • Phone calls evaluation and reporting

Wallboard – real-time information displayed on LCD screen/web browser

Our cloud based software is designed for outbound, as well as for inbound call centers; system allows operation of blended (outbound + inbound) call centres as well. Whole solution offers completely localised web interface. The solution contains easy to use web console for operators and well-arranged web interface for administrators and team leaders. It also contains a sophisticated statistics module with many call centre operation reports including real-time panel.

We will gladly set up a demo account for Cloud Contact Center for you. Please fill in the contact information and we will send you login details immediately.

Call center reporting

Performance statistics are basic instrument of modern call centre upon which the call centre manager can base his/her decisions. Call Center Solutions Dubai offers a wide range of predefined statistics that can be compiled into comprehensive report meeting the individual needs of a particular user. The report can include individual performance statistics of operators, number of callers, information about waiting time (SLA) of individual queues, number of lost calls, proportional representation of call durations, individual operator’s login duration, individual operator’s time spent on breaks, operators’ productivity, as well as proportional statistics and call distribution in time, phone number availability, and many more. The reports can be further modified and there is also a possibility of displaying the report information in various periods of time, such as last 24 hours, last 3 days, last week or last month. The information in statistics chart can be sorted by any column – the particular diagram is recalculated on-line. Reports can be exported to MS Excel, CSV or XML and the individual statistics can be obtained via REST API programming interface, thus they can be easily integrated into another system. All the statistics are available on-line via web browsers.

Statistics and reports including possibility of compiling customized report

  • Top Call Center statistics

Inbound call center operation

  • ACD call queues settings
  • IVR system with statistics
  • WebAgent – Operator console for operators
  • Automatic system break for operator on missed calls
  • Intelligent call routing – choosing the most suitable operator
  • Client’s card instant opening on incoming call
  • Call script for operators with call information recording

Easy missed call administration and management

Real-time web panel displaying call centre performance is available. It displays logged-in operators statuses, individual queues’ status and ongoing calls information. Both incoming and outgoing queues are displayed, detailed operators information included. Call centre manager can access information about numbers of operators available and operators on break. Authorised user can live-monitor ongoing call by one click. Real-time panel supports specialised filters that enable displaying individual queues, agents, groups or combinations of these

  • Real-time call centre statistics with online live monitoring
  • Top Call Center realtime panel

Regular email reports

Virtual Call Center enables individual users to compile their own reports. Therefore user can create one or more reports meeting his/her particular needs. User reports can be set to regular notifications – sending reports to user’s mailbox. Reports are sent in predefined intervals, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly etc.

  • Cloud Helpdesk Software

Phone calls evaluation and reporting

Virtual Call Center offers calls assessment module. Call centre manager can create unlimited number of call evaluation forms. There can be unlimited number of various call evaluation forms that can have various evaluation score calculation algorithm – features suitable for evaluation of more different projects. Call evaluators can fill in the evaluation forms when live-monitoring the particular calls. Evaluation form can be filled in during real-time live monitoring from call centre real-time panel. Individual operators can compile reports from their filled-in evaluation forms; call centre manager can therefore get clear idea of the operators’ performance.

Virtual call recordings and scoring

Top Call Center Wallboard module enables well-arranged real-time information being displayed on LCD screen/web browser. Wallboard module consists of a set of statistic widgets; every team can create and design their wallboard panel by simple dragging individual widgets on the panel.

Standard statistic widgets are for example:

  • Operators’ current status on individual queues
  • Queues’ current status, number of callers and individual operator’s utilization
  • Overall availability and proportional representation of missed calls
  • SLA calls in queues – picked up in 20s
  • Info text for operators
  • Wallboard – real time data displayed on LCD screen/web browser
  • Call Center Wallboard
  • Outbound call center operation
  • Sophisticated solution for outgoing campaigns
  • Campaign contacts auto-dialling
  • Mass records downloading
  • Complete operation history for every campaign record
  • Mass editing, multiple records processing
  • Other functions and features
  • Call recording with easy search
  • Interviewer– automatic contact dialling
  • “Home Teleworkers” – remote operators support
  • User rights and roles within the system

TOP CALL CENTER PhoneAgent – console for operators directly on the phone

Our Contact Center software offers a wide range of settings for call queues. It is possible to set up a welcome menu for caller when entering the queue, background music for waiting callers, maximum waiting time for callers, maximum number of callers in the queue, rules for assigning the callers to individual operators, time-outs for callers and operators, recurring notifications for callers waiting in queue, time spent/left in queue notifications. System supports both static and dynamic operators who log in via phone or web interface

  • ACD call queues settings

Inbound call center operation

Within Cloud Contact Center software there are many ways to create sophisticated IVR systems. The system can be set in PBX web interface and IVR menu can be created or modified in only few minutes. Therefore you can offer your clients well-arranged main menu with one-choice option. This possibility allows the caller to get the information s/he needs quickly and easily and you can achieve maximum performance efficiency of your call centre. IVR trees can branch out allowing you to create complex voice menu system tailored to your needs. Information about clients going through IVR are recorded and they can be processed into statistic reports. You can find out what the most used IVR choices are and what is the number of clients who cannot go through IVR tree and hang up. This information can be used to optimize the IVR tree.

Caller’s IVR three choices can be traced back through the statistics and used in API integration into your system.

  • IVR system with statistics
  • Cloud IVR

Operator web console for operators

Application for operators Top Call Center WebAgent is a sophisticated console that is accessible via web browsers. Contact center operator can access information about his performance on-line and it takes only one click to change operator’s status. Operator has to enter his/her number, password and phone line number s/he is operating (roaming) to log into the operator console. Contact center operators can dynamically log in and out of all call queues, both incoming and outcoming ones. The console includes the on-break function which is widely use in the call centres. When the on-break function is switched on, there are no phone calls directed to the particular line. It is therefore possible for the operator to finish another tasks or have a lunch break. Contact center managers can predefine the on-break options – the reasons for having a break and paid/unpaid break time. It is possible to create sophisticated on-break reports which can include whole call centre or which can be further divided into individual operator or queue reports. Operator can also non-stop access the pending callers on-line statistics for the queues s/he is logged in. Apart from this statistics operator can also check on number of calls answered since the last logging in. Operator can access the list of calls s/he answered and s/he can listen to the recording via web interface (when recording is enabled). WebAgent operator console features client’s record instant opening on incoming call from third party systems.

  • Virtual Call Center

Operator console WebAgent – Description of features:

  • Setting the On-Break status by one click

WRAP pause automatic set-up when a call is finished – no other call can be answered for a period of time that was set up for the queue/campaign by call centre manager

  • Automatic break for operator when call has not been answered
  • Client’s record instant opening on incoming call if required
  • Detailed information on operator’s calls for the day
  • Complex information on operator’s breaks for the day
  • On-line statistics of clients waiting in queues in which operator is logged
  • Complex on-line information on incoming call – client’s phone number, queue of incoming call, waiting time or optional CRM information obtained via REST API
  • Call form filling in if required for the queue/campaign
  • Outbounder – application for one-click number dialling for outgoing campaigns
  • Call postponement for outgoing campaign (client’s wish, call did not get through)
  • List of operator’s realized calls, recordings and filled-in forms with search included
  • Operator can accept live webchat requests from company website
  • Dynamic log-in and log-out of incoming/outgoing queues which can be operated simultaneously

Virtual Call Center offers wide range of possible settings of call queues. One of very popular features is the possibility to set up instant break for operator who has not answered the call that has been directed to his/her queue. In that case there is a special type of break status called “Sloppy One” set and no more calls are directed to the queue. This minimizes the waiting time for customers who would otherwise be directed to operator who is not present at his/her workplace and has forgotten to set his status on On-Break.

  • Automatic break for operator when call has not been answered
  • Virtual Call Center Software Dubai
  • Intelligent call directing – choosing the most suitable operator

Within the Virtual Call Center software an intelligent incoming calls directing can be set up for each queue – choosing the most suitable operator, speeding up the process of dealing with client’s request. This feature enables setting the time for which client is directed to the operator she/he talked to before. Therefore there are much higher chances of effective dealing with the client’s request, as the operator is already familiar with the issue. If the required operator is not available, the call is directed to another available operator.

  • Virtual Call Center Software call routing
  • Client’s card instant opening on incoming call

Our Virtual Call Center has integrated its own CRM, which enables easy integration into another systems of your company. Client’s record from your information system can be opened instantly in the operator’s web console. On answering the call the client’s record is opened instantly in new browser window; the phone number of client or other feature can be the parameter for opening the record. Our WebAgent console can be integrated into your system via REST API. Parameters and conditions on which your system is notified of incoming or ongoing calls can be set up easily. Any variable known during the ongoing call can be used as parameter for record opening. The most common parameters are phone number of caller, operator’s number, direct inward dialling (DID), IVR tree choices etc. For more information contact our sales department.

  • Call Center System
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Realtime Online Data
  • Calls Recording Reports
  • Call Center Wallboard
  • Inbound Functions
  • ACD – Call Queues
  • IVR
  • Operator’s Console
  • Intelligent Call Directing
  • Missed Calls Management
  • Callscripts for Operators
  • Outbound Functions
  • Auto-dialling
  • Record History
  • Calls Recordings
  • Home Teleworkers
  • Users rights & roles

Mass editing, multiple records process

Our aim is to enable call center managers to work easily with more campaign entries at once. Therefore we created a tool which enables to work with every possible entry; for example selected entries can be moved from one operator to another, the status of selected entries can be changed (e.g. contact to be recalled), contacts can be erased or moved to new campaign.

Complete history for every campaign record

Top call center software records details of all actions dealing with contacts in the database. Call center users can therefore access complete action history of particular entries. The data that can be accessed include the date of entry import into the system, who imported the entry, when the number was contacted and by whom or author of the changes in the entry. The abstract includes also the recordings (in case the abstract belongs to “connected call” action).

Mass records downloading

We realize that it is very important for the call center manager to have the chance to look up the call records and download them easily. Our Call Center system technology includes a sophisticated tool for the search and export of campaign records. Thanks to this tool it is possible to look up status records of the issue (e.g. order) and download a ZIP folder with all the records connected with the particular contacts.

Campaign contacts auto-dialling

With our cloud based call center technology, operators can auto-dial outgoing campaign contacts. The call center manager can set the period of time after which the agent receives a new calling request, the time in which the number is dialled and the time after the call in which the call information (form, record, call script) is saved. the operator does not therefor have to make operational decisions as the system “makes” him/her handle the phone calls according to the manager’s settings. The manager can set the inactivity time limit for the operators. If the limit is exceeded, the operator’s status switches to a special “idle” type of pause which is displayed on real-time panel and recorded in the statistics. All the time limits are set in tenths of second and the individual steps can be switched off and operators` manual interaction may be requested.

Easy administration and management of missed calls

Top Call Center is cloud based Call Center software has a lost calls management system available. For every ACD incoming queue you can choose into which outgoing campaign the lost calls are saved. It is standard outgoing campaign with all attributes so it is possible to choose the operators responsible for contacting the clients who do not get through the queue. The outgoing campaign is automatically filled by clients’ lost calls in real-time mode. Thus the operator can immediately see the number of lost calls in his/her application and contact the clients via click-and-dial. If the operator contacts the client from the lost calls list, the phone number is labelled as reached and it is not directed any further. If the client calls again later and gets through the queue, his/her number is removed from the lost calls list.

Call script for operators with call information recording

With our cloud based call center system you can create a call script for every incoming queue including the possibility of call information recording (i.e. forms). Call centre manager can create call scripts easily, as well as the forms for recording the call information. Every queue can have different call script, thus many independent call centre projects can be created. Hence the operators have to fill in form for each individual call. Call centre manager can access an administration interface in which she/he can process the data from the individual forms. The form data can be full-text searched and edited, as well as exported into third party’s system for further processing.

  • Easy missed calls management
  • Callscripts for operators
  • Campaign auto-dialer
  • Outbound call center features
  • Virtual Call Center Software outbound campaigns

Sophisticated solution for outgoing campaigns

Top Call Center system includes a sophisticated web administration interface for easy work with outgoing campaigns. Outgoing campaign can be created in a few minutes. The call center manager can create an outgoing campaign and choose one of the campaign types:

۱/ Automatic dialling in WebAgent web application with call record form displayed – The call center manager imports clients records (in CSV format) into the campaign. There can be a wide number of items in the client record, such as Name, Surname, Company, Phone number, Contract type etc. Records for every campaign can have a different number of items. Operators can dial the individual numbers in the client database via their web application by clicking on the phone number; during the ongoing call they can enter the information into the predefined slots. Manager can access applications for easy search in the clients database, as well as export the information and integrate it into another information systems. It is a very quick and effective way of dealing with outgoing campaigns.

۲/ Outgoing campaign with call record form displayed in WebAgent application without automatic dialling – With this choice, the call center manager can create many forms with a wide number of items which are displayed during the outgoing calls. The operator can dial manually or use the click-and-dial in his/her information system. Managers can access all statistics including every completed form.

۳/ Outgoing campaign without call record form displayed – This type is used when the call center manager wants to keep track of all operator’s outgoing calls. There is no way in which the operator can dial any phone number without logging in to the outgoing campaign; thus all the calls statistics in this

campaign type are available.

The call center manager can access call recording along with the call record form in case she/he choose to record the calls (available for every outgoing campaign). Complete performance statistics are available for every outgoing campaign.

  • Outbound scheduler
  • Outbound data upload
  • Contact forms customization
  • Outbound mass records download

Calls recordings with easy search

Top Call Center Dubai PBX CCE supports call recording which can be switched on optionally, e.g. for every call or for calls on only in selected queues. The recordings can be saved in WAV, WAV49, MP3 or GSM format. Call centre managers and supervisors can access the call recordings directly in the web interface. Recordings can be archived on long-term basis and the web interface enables the browsing and searching of the recordings.

Interviewer – automatic contact dialling

Interviewer is a special type of outgoing campaign into which phone numbers are imported and automatically dialed by the PBX. There are predefined actions which are performed when the call is answered; these are actions such as playing a message, requesting an answer to the defined question (IVR), recording a message etc. In the Interviewer a wide range of features can be set:

  • Predefined time for contact dialling (e.g. working days 8 am – ۶ pm)
  • Maximum number of concurrently dialled numbers (e.g. a great number of numbers can be dialled at once)
  • Number of repetitive dialling attempts when contact has not been reached including the lag between individual dialling
  • Recording calls, searching in the database and exporting the calls
  • Many possible reactions when the call is answered (e.g. playing a message, IVR system with questions, answerphone, redirecting to operator, API call etc.)

The Interviewer monitors its activity, thus it is possible to create user friendly statistics and reports of total amount of dialled numbers, availability, statistics of answers to defined questions etc. This application can be used in marketing campaigns, opinion polls, demand calls, customer satisfaction surveys and other applications where automatic dial-and-call can be utilized.

  • Calls recording with easy search
  • Interviewer outgoing campaign

“Home Teleworkers” – remote operators support

Top Call Center’s Dubai call center technology enables remote operators to connect to the system. Remote operators are understood to be operators working at home or in other places – managers and supervisors can also sort the reports by the locations. Remote operators use Internet or VPN to log into the administration interface; IP telephones connect via SIP or IAX protocols. In the case that a more secure connection is required, encrypted SRTP protocol (offered by some VoIP telephones manufacturers) or VPN connection can be used.

User rights and roles within the system

Top Call Center’s Dubai call center system has an elaborate system of user rights and rules thanks to which any hierarchy of users, roles and authorization can be created. Every user has a set of rights which are verified with every action performed. User rights can be set for:

  • Access for individual modules, e.g. access to calls search tool, real-time panel etc.
  • Access to individual call queues and campaigns
  • Access to individual users, e.g. team leader can access his/her subordinates
  • Access to individual module actions, e.g. records displayed in the search module etc.

Within the user system there can be groups of users created to represent operator teams or company branches. Thanks to the features of this system it is easy to create a supervisor account which can access performance statistics of his/her subordinated operators.


  • Customer Support Center
  • Technical Helpdesk
  • Telemarketing
  • Database Verification
  • Reception Service (Virtual Office)
  • After-hours Answering Service
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Lead Generation
  • Revenue-Generating Inbound Service
  • Third-party Audit
  • Virtual Conferencing
  • Order Management
  • Technical Support
  • Managed CRM

Web Management

  • Website Design, Hosting and Management
  • Web-based Survey Response
  • ‘Call-me back’ Support


  • Response Management
  • Event Management Invitation
  • Broadcast Marketing


  • ‘Click for Live agent’ Support

Mobile Messaging

  • Revenue-Generating SMS & MMS for Product Promotion
  • Broadcast SMS for Promotion Announcement


  • Response Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Promotion Announcement
  • Broadcast Marketing
  • Order Management
  • Technical Support
  • Managed CRM

Postal Mail

  • Fulfillment – Product Mailer
  • Response Management

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